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Here are the perks!

> Free High Quality Goods

> Exclusive Discounts For Your Followers

> Sales Bonuses And Benefits When Targets Are Reached

> The Ability To Earn Commission On Sales Made Via Your Social Media!

Want to become an ambassador?


> Active And Established Social Media Platform(s)

> Reasonable Interactions (If Your Followers Are Fake Then Your Application Will Be Denied)

> To Have Honest/ Moral Content (We Do Not Want Our Brand To Be Associated With Anything Negative)

> You Must Be Producing Your Own High Quality Content

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How it Works

Once your application has been approved we will ship you can choose any of the “Tier One” items to promote .

We then will ship the item out (tracked) to you Completely Free* (shipping times may vary).

On top of this we will provide you with a unique discount code to offer to your followers to help your promotion! 

For every 10 sales you make in a month we will give you a new freebie to promote, and you also unlock the next tier. This opens up more options of products for you to get for free. (Tracked by use of the discount code).

If you make more than 21 sales in a month we will pay you 10% of all further sales (via paypal) made within that month.

We also offer bonuses to our highest sellers!

Tier one (0-10 sales)

Tier Tw0 (11-20 sales)

Tier Three (21+ sales)

*You must promote the item on your social media at least 3 times within the first month of receiving the item. Failure to promote the item may also result in a permanent removal of your account from the brand ambassador program and deletion of your customers discount code.